Classic & Defender Flagpole 3 in 1 Mount-Made In USA

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Sectional Flagpole 3-in-1 Mount: Compatible with the Classic & Defender flag poles.
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100% Made in the U.S.A. 5 Year Warranty!

Compatible with our Classic, and Defender sectional flagpoles.

Made of Solid Aluminum so it will not rust. Any flag pole with an inside diameter of 2" will fit over the post.

The Sectional 3-in-1 Flagpole Mount can be used for installation on a deck or dock. It is also great for tailgating or other special events, just park your car tire on the flat surface of the mount and install your flagpole. Fly your flag anywhere!


  • Deck mount
  • Dock mount
  • Tire mount

5 Year Limited Warranty:

Our Flagpoles & Mounts have been tested and approved to withstand wind speeds as high as 130 mph. We provide a LIMITED 5-YEAR WARRANTY on all our in-ground flagpoles & mounts which covers damage and/or replacement costs for poles and mounts damaged as a direct result of wind gusts up to 50 mph. For safety reasons – we strongly advise customers to lower poles in instances where wind speeds exceed or are expected to exceed 50 mph.