Commercial Grade Flagpoles & Parts

We have partnered with 2 of the top manufacturers of Commercial Flagpoles Made in the U.S.A. All offering Limited Lifetime Warranties on the flagpole shafts.

Eder Flag based in Oak Creek, Wisconsin has decades of experience engineering and manufacturing aluminum flagpoles. Click to download the Eder Flag 2022 Aluminum Flagpoles Catalog

Zeus Flagpoles based in Fitzwilliam, NH has over 50 years of experience hand crafting the finest in fiberglass flagpoles.

Our Commercial flagpole offerings are very extensive because each situation is unique in what would be the best option based on budget, style and wind ratings required at the install location. We have chosen to upload the catalogs of both manufactures so you, as the consumer, can see all of your choices.

I understand it can be overwhelming but it is a good starting point to research the different styles, sizes and finishes to give you a baseline knowledge. Once you have that beginning knowledge we can help guide you to the right choice.

Being authorized dealers for both companies we can work with residential and commercial customers (landscapers, architects, commercial/residential/government contractors).

The 2 basic categories of flagpoles are external halyard (rope is outside of the flagpole, tied off to a cleat) and internal halyard flagpoles (rope or stainless steel line is inside the flagpole, flag is raised or lowered with a winch or by hand and secured with a cam cleat). Both styles are excellent with the choice coming down to preference and budget.

We are always happy to help with questions and give suggestions based on your particular situation.

Please clink on the links below to view the complete 2022 commercial flagpole catalogs for each manufacturer

Eder Flag 2022 Aluminum Flagpoles Catalog

Zeus Handcrafted Fiberglass Flagpoles 2021 Catalog Coming Soon Contact for more info. Being updated

Please contact us to discuss your individual project needs and to receive a FREE quote including freight estimate.

Call 716-800-FLAG (3524) or e-mail: with any questions or to place an order.