House Mounted Flagpole Kits

Looking to buy an American Made flagpole or flagpole kit for your house? Please look no further as we have personally hand picked and tested the poles, hardware and flags in an effort to assemble the best American Made House Mounted Flagpole kits on the market. Sold exclusively at Grand New Flag.

Choose from the following American Made house mounted flagpole kits:

The 5’ Liberty Wooden Flagpole Kit: The 5’ Liberty flagpole is made of solid wood with a clear varnish to protect the wood from moisture, has a wood tinted anti furl plastic sleeve (keeps the flag from wrapping around the pole) and rotating ring with clip for flag attachment. When you purchase a flagpole for your house, you can choose to have no bracket/mount if you already have one, or select one from our 7 American Made house flag mounts or brackets. The liberty flagpole is compatible with sleeved/banner style flags only.

The 6’ Patriot Silver Flagpole Kit: The 6’ Patriot flagpole kit is a 2-piece flagpole made from thick aluminum tubing that will never rust and comes complete with the white never-furl kit (keeps the flag from wrapping around the pole), gold plastic acorn finial and choice of no bracket/mount if you already have one or choose from our 7 American Made brackets/mounts.

Both house mounted wooden flagpoles or aluminum flagpole kits are offered for purchase with a 200 Denier Nylon Embroidered American flag (Made in the U.S.A) or without a flag in the event you already have a flag and just need the house mounted flagpole kit. Contact us if you need a flagpole, flag holder, or American flag for your house.