Flagpole Mounting Brackets

All Flagpole Mounting Brackets, also known as Flagpole Holders, are 100% Made in the U.S.A.

When it comes to mounting your flagpole to your home, business or other outdoor structure it is imperative to use a heavy duty flagpole bracket (also known as a flagpole holder) to ensure the flagpole will not come down in bad weather.

Our American Made flagpole holders are some of the toughest on the market made from cast aluminum and painted in three finishes; Silver, Black and White. Perfect to pair with any 1” diameter flagpole and accent the exterior of your building where it will be mounted.

All brackets come equipped with 3 or 4 mounting screws (depending on the style) and a thumb screw for holding the flagpole in place once inside the bracket.

All three flagpole bracket finishes: Silver, Black and White come in 2 different styles.

2-Position Flagpole Holders: These holders offer the user the option to fly the flag at full staff (45 degrees) and half-staff (90 degrees). These are your two basic flagpole positions and in most cases are all you need to properly use your flagpole.

5-Position Flagpole Bracket: These brackets offer the user 5 positions to fly the flag; vertical, 25 degrees, 50 degrees, 65 degrees and horizontal. This type of bracket comes in handy when mounting a flagpole under an overhang or other obstruction that is unavoidable allowing the user to have 5 angles to adjust the flagpole to.

Mount your flagpole with confidence knowing your flagpole bracket is Made in America out of heavy duty cast aluminum.