Flag Snaps and Snap Covers

Flag Snaps and Snap Covers-Made in the U.S.A.

In our efforts to always offer American Made hardware we have been able to source flag snaps and snap covers made in America.

Flag snaps and flagpole hooks are used to secure your flag to the halyard on your flagpole. Over time the flag snaps get worn and will need to be replaced. We currently offer 2 different flag snaps: Cast Nylon for residential use and Cast Brass for residential and commercial use.

• 2-3/4” Cast Nylon Flag Snaps are a great economical option for securing your flag to your flagpole. For use on residential flagpoles up to 25’ tall.
• 3.5” Bright Brass Plated Flag Snaps are a great heavy duty option for all residential flagpoles and most commercial grade flagpoles. These will last many years of service in flying your flag.

Snap covers are used in conjunction with your flag snaps. The snap cover provides protection for your flag snap from the wear and shock of slapping against the pole in the heavy winds. The snap cover also helps to reduce the noise caused by the snap clanging against the flagpole.

• 3-1/2” White Neoprene Snap Cover provides long lasting protection of your flag snap from the wear and tear of clanging against the flagpole. The Neoprene snap cover also reduces noise from the snap clanging against the flagpole.