Never Furl Flag Attachment Kits

Our Never Furl Kits (Flag Non-Furling device) are 100% Made in the U.S.A.

How many times have you come home only to find your flag completely wrapped (furled) around your flagpole? You unwrap it, make it look great again and the next day it gets wrapped (furled) again. Our solution to fix this problem is the Never Furl, flag non-furling device, and it is made right here in America.

The Never Furl flagpole kit is designed to fit on any 1” diameter flagpole. The Never Furl Kit is compatible with grommet style flags and sleeved flags (also known as self-sleeve and tab). When using a sleeved flag you only need to install the top collar and bushing and secure the leather tab (located at the top of the sleeve on the flag) with the supplied self-tapping screw, the extra collar and bushing can be saved as a spare or used on another flagpole.

Each Never Furl flagpole kit comes complete with all the parts you need to install on your flag pole, even the little Allen Wrench.

The Never Furl parts are made from very thick heavy duty plastic that will last many years of use in all weather conditions. Being made of thick heavy duty plastic they will never rust or corrode.

Our Never Furl Flagpole Kits are available in two colors. Choose from White or Black depending on the finish of your flag pole.

Fly your flag tangle free with these long lasting Never Furl Flagpole Attachment Kits.

100% Made in the U.S.A.