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We offer a wide range of house flagpole accessories, parts, and hardware for sale, all 100% Made in the U.S.A. As is the case with all of our products, we will not compromise on American Made, right down to the smallest part. You can fly your American Made flag with extra pride knowing that even your flagpole accessories and hardware are Made in America.

Halyard (Rope) for Flagpoles-Made in USA

5/16" Silver Polyester Halyard (Rope): Use this rope to replace your aging halyard. Our Braided Polyester Halyard is strong, lightweight and rot and mildew resistant. This flagpole halyard also provides good flexibility/shock load absorption with excellent resistance to abrasion.

Flag Snaps and Snap Covers-Made in USA

 Flag Snaps are used to attach your flag to the flagpole. We offer 2 great options for residential and commercial use.

  • 2-3/4" Cast Nylon Flag Snap-Great for residential flagpoles up to 25' tall
  • 3" Cast Brass Flag Snap-Great for all residential and most commercial flagpoles

Snap Covers are used as protection for your snaps. The snap cover provides wear and shock absorption while also reducing noise. 

  • 3-1/2" White Neoprene Snap Cover

Titan Telescoping Flagpole Mounts and Sleeve Clamp-Made in USA

Official Titan Telescoping Flagpole optional mounting hardware:

  • Top Mount
  • Hitch Mount
  • Side Mount
  • Wheel Stand

Secure your flagpole to your ground sleeve with our Titan authorized sleeve clamp, also helps in raising and lowering the flagpole as it holds it into the ground sleeve. 

Titan Flagpole Solar Light-Made in USA

The Titan Solar Flagpole Light is the only American Made solar flagpole light on the market. Featuring a 2 year warranty, average life of light is 5-7 years, average run time of 15 hours on full 8 hours of sunlight charging the batteries. Available in Silver or Dark Bronze color to match your flagpole. FREE shipping.

Flagpole Eagle Ornaments-Made in USA

Gold painted and Natural painted Eagle Flagpole Ornaments with Gold Globe are Made in America of the finest cast aluminum for long lasting durability through all types of weather. These eagle ornaments feature superb detail of the great American Bald Eagle. These ornaments fit all residential flagpoles up to 25’ tall with the standard rod size/threading of ½”-13 UNC. Both are compatible with our full line of residential flagpoles and Titan solar flagpole light.

Flagpole Mounting Brackets-Made in USA

Choose From:

Our economy priced American Made stamped steel bracket for 1” diameter flagpoles. Made from thick American steel so it is tough in all weather conditions. Holds your flagpole at the optimal 45 degree angle for flying your flag. Mounting screws not included.

Offering 2 styles in our line of cast aluminum flagpole brackets (2 position and 5 position) and 3 colors (silver, white or black) for 1” diameter flagpoles.  These flagpole brackets are 100% Made in America of super tough cast aluminum that can withstand all types of weather. Each of these flag accessories comes with a thumb screw for securing the flagpole into the bracket and a set of four screws for attaching the bracket to your home.

Never Furl Flag Attachment Kits-Made in USA

You won’t have to worry about your flag getting wrapped around your pole with the Never Furl Flag Attachment kit (99% effective, with 1% chance mother nature gets the best of us) 100% Made in America. Complete kit fits any 1” diameter flagpole. Choose from White or Black.