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You might say to yourself “Well, I’ve got my American made flag but do I really need an American made flagpole to go with it?” I would argue that YES, you do need an American Made residential flagpole or home flag holder to fly your flag to do your part supporting good paying manufacturing jobs right here in America. On top of that good feeling, you will be buying a superior long lasting flagpole product. When you look up at your home's American made flag and flagpole you will be proud to know you are playing an important part in keeping jobs right here in the U.S.A.

All Residential Flagpoles and Home Flag Holders are 100% Made in the U.S.A.

Pick the flagpole for sale that meets your needs from these easy to install 6' flagpole kits, Residential In-Ground flagpoles up to 25' tall and Commercial Grade In-ground flagpoles up to 80' tall.

6' Flagpole Kits for Sale

The Freedom 6’ flagpole kits are an exclusive product for sale with Grand New Flag. You can purchase a kit with a 3’x5’ American flag or without a flag. Each kit contains: 2-Piece Black powdered coated steel pole, chrome ball ornament, black never-furl flag attachment kit and black 2-position cast aluminum bracket for home flag holders.

Residential In-Ground flagpoles:

The Titan Telescoping Flagpole is the best residential telescoping flagpole for sale on the market in design and craftsmanship with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Features the patented internal interlocking system for raising and lowering the flagpole. Never have to worry about your home's flag holder having a frayed rope or the flag wrapping around the pole in the wind with the 360 degree swivel system and stainless steel flag clips. Available in Silver or Dark Bronze and heights of 15’, 20’ or 25’. Comes complete with: ground sleeve, 2 pairs of clips for flying 2 flags, aluminum gold ball ornament and American Flag.

The 20' American Tradition Halyard Style Flagpole is the toughest residential and small business flagpole on the market with an industry leading Limited Lifetime pole shaft warranty and 1 year limited warranty on the hardware/accessories (not including the flag). These warranties are offered exclusively at Grand New Flag. Made of 6063 Aluminum alloy with a wall thickness of .125" can withstand winds of 108 mph without flag and 83 mph with 4'x6' nylon flag.

Commercial Grade flagpoles in 2 styles both featuring a Lifetime Warranty on the pole shaft.

Our External Halyard flagpole is available from 25’ up to 70’ tall with wind speed ratings from 91 up to 105 mph. Comes complete with all the hardware needed for flying 1 flag: gold ball ornament, revolving truck with pulley, halyard (rope), cleat, snap hooks with covers and galvanized steel ground sleeve.

Our Internal Halyard Flagpole is available from 20’ up to 80’ tall with wind speed ratings from 91 up to 120 mph. An internal halyard flagpole is constructed in a manner that the halyard (steel cable) is coiled on a winch inside the pole. A special removable handle is used to raise and lower the flag. This is a great theft deterrent and the steel cable has a longer life than traditional halyard rope. Packaged with complete hardware for installation and flying of one flag.

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