New Blog Series: Arnold's Letters Home

New Blog Series: Arnold's Letters Home

Posted by Philip Kauppinen on 7th Oct 2014

Upcoming new blog series: Arnold's Letters Home

Recently I have been reading through my father's letters home from the front lines of the Vietnam War. They can be tough to get through because I miss him so much but they also help me feel close to him as they are a window into his life that he did not talk about. 

Why I am choosing to share them:

My thought on this is to show folks the human side of the soldier when they are doing a tour in combat. My dad was still able to keep his sense of humor, if only for a minute, while writing his letters even though he was in the middle of a war zone. I feel like Veterans and non-veterans alike from any era may be able to relate to these letters and even use it as a teachable moment with their children or grandchildren. These letters reflect not only the story of one man but thousands of men and women who have been in combat. I think my dad would be happy even if only one person was helped from his letters being published.

Publishing Schedule:

Starting this Thursday October 9th, I will publish a new letter home on the 2nd Thursday of each month until they are completed.