What is a Patriotic Bunting?

What is a Patriotic Bunting?

Posted by Philip Kauppinen on 13th Mar 2024

Patriotic buntings, also known as pleated fans, are a common decoration to symbolize American pride. While their use dates back to colonial America, the popularity of the classic red, white and blue bunting exploded after the Civil War. With the country again united, 19th century Americans were eager to celebrate their patriotism. 

Buntings were named after the specific type of fabric used to create them. Bunting fabric is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for outdoor decorations.

What Do Patriotic Buntings Represent?

The bunting, like an American flag, is a representation of patriotism, unity, and pride in the United States. Pleated fans are commonly used as decorations for American holidays such as the Fourth of July (Independence Day) and Memorial Day. 

Patriotic buntings consist of the same red, white and blue colors as the American flag.  According to the US Government, red represents valor and bravery, white symbolizes purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice.

Is a Bunting Considered a Flag?

Buntings are not technically considered flags. However, they are closely related to flags, and often used for similar purposes. While the American flag officially represents the country, patriotic buntings are considered decorative elements.

Can Patriotic Buntings be Thrown Out?

If your bunting has become faded, worn or torn, it may be time for retirement. Since it is not technically a flag, buntings do not need to follow the disposal methods outlined in US Flag Code. However, buntings are a symbol of patriotism and should be treated with respect during disposal. 

Respectful options for disposal include burning during a retirement ceremony or donating the retired bunting to a local organization. Learn more on how to properly dispose of an American flag.

How to Hang a Bunting

Hanging a bunting is a relatively simple process. Here are some steps to help you hang your pleated fans effectively: 

  • First, choose a suitable location like a porch, balcony or window. 
  • Gather needed materials, such as the bunting and any hooks, nails or clips. 
  • Measure the area where the bunting will be hung and install the hooks evenly apart. 
  • Hang the bunting on the hooks, making sure everything is aligned and loose materials are secured. 

In order to help with hanging, buntings from Grand New Flag are equipped with 3 brass grommets along the edge.

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