Flag Terminology

American Flag & Flag Pole Terminology

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A Canton

The blue field of white stars. Also known as the "field" or "Jack"

B Heading

Heavy fabric used to secure the flag to the flagpole halyard line. Usually made of durable cotton or synthetic canvas.

C Grommet

Brass ring or eyelet (normally in the heading) for mounting outdoor flags.

D Truck

The device at the top of an outdoor flagpole that houses the pulley wheel.

E Finial

A decorative top for a flagpole, often an eagle, spear or ball.

F Snap Hooks

Hardware made of either brass or molded nylon to attach the flag to the halyard line.

G Cleat

The device used to secure the bottom of the flagpole halyard.

H Halyard

Rope used to raise the flag; can be external and tied to a cleat or internal.

I Flash Collar

The cover for the base of the flagpole; used for cosmetic and protective purposes.

J Foundation Tube

Cylinder tube used as a form for the concrete base of an in-ground flagpole.



A flagpole mounted on a building at an angle other than vertical.


A flag with pole hem and fringe for indoor display and parade use.