Liberty Magnum 136 LED Solar Flagpole Light

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Liberty Magnum 136 LED Flagpole Solar Light. 4 Rows of lights, 136 High Output LED's producing 3,600 Lumens of light

The Brightest Solar Flagpole Light on the Market! For use on flagpoles 20'-60' tall

The Liberty Magnum Flagpole Solar Light is one of the brightest flagpole solar lights on the market boasting an incredible output of 3600 Lumens. This is achieved with 4 rows of high output LED lights, a total of 136. Two rows of lights shine down on the flag and 2 rows shining out at a 45 degree angle to light up the flag as it fly's in the wind. The Liberty Magnum solar light will not only light up your American flag, it is so powerful it will also light up a secondary flag. See our pictures and video showing the brightness and power of this amazing light. 

The Liberty Magnum light features "set it and forget it" technology built in, light will charge, discharge, maintain battery, turn on and off using the internal logic control board and is designed to be far more reliable than the old fashioned photo eye.

The Liberty Magnum Solar Light is designed, engineered and patented by I.T.E.C. an American Owned and operated company in Buffalo, NY.


  • Fits both 1/2" and 5/8" gold ball or eagle shafts. Adapter included
  • Output of 3,600 Lumens of light
  • 4 Rows of lights
    • 2 Rows shining down
    • 2 Rows shining out at a 45 degree angle to illuminate the flag in the wind 
  • 136 High Output LED lights
  • For Flagpoles 20' tall up to 60' tall
  • 8-12 hours of run time after a full sunny day of charging
  • 3.7v 8000mAh Li-ion battery
  • Designed, engineered and Patented in the U.S.A. Manufactured in China
1 year product Warranty -If the light fails, we will 1st trouble shoot with you. -If the problem cannot be resolved you may send it back to be repaired -If it cannot be repaired it will be replaced -You pay the postage to send it to us -We pay the postage to send it back to you